Terms and conditions

The services made available to you on this platform are provided by the Cabo Verde Institute of Employment and Professional Training (IEFP-CV). The IEFP-CV, owner of this Platform, assumes a privacy commitment in relation to the data that it deposits in this.

1.Registration conditions on the platform

You can register on the platform any individual or collective person who is looking for a job or business internship or wants to offer a job or professional internship offer under the PEPE - Business Internship Program. For your registration you must provide the name of the entity or name of the candidate by which you will be identified in Pepe online accompanied by a valid email address.

2. Accession

Any natural or legal person who meets the conditions established in Decreet Law 15 / IX / 2017 can join the PEPE, which can be consulted in the Legislation menu of this platform's Home Page..

3. Confidentiality

Due to the nature and objectives of the interactive services provided here, users are required to provide contacts and/or information that can be considered personal. The IEFP-CV guarantees, however, to all its users that:
- No personal data will be provided to third parties without the prior consent of the holder;
- The personal data entrusted to us will never be provided, free of charge or commercially, to third parties, taking exclusive and personal responsibility for our use.

The IEFP-CV reserves the right to be able to provide aggregated data (such as location, age and others) for purposes considered to be of public benefit, namely in the scope of statistical production.

4. Login, Password, Correction and Update of Personal Information

After registration, all activities that develop on this Platform will be your responsibility. In case of suspected unauthorized use of your password or any other breach of security, we recommend that you immediately inform the Administrator of this Platform.

In order to prevent your account from being accessed by unauthorized third parties, we recommend that:

At the end of each session, log out of your account and close the browser window ;
b) Never inform your password to access PEPE.

5.Free Services Provided

The services provided in this database are completely free for its users.

6.Right of Suspension or Cancellation

The team responsible for this Platform reserves the right to suspend or cancel a user account if it finds that the information provided is false, incorrect, outdated, inappropriate or incomplete. The suspension or cancellation of a given account will only occur after notification to the respective user.

7.Acceptance and Binding

Any user of the services provided on this Platform is bound by acceptance and respect for the conditions expressed here. For any further clarification on the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of this platform send us an email toiefp@iefp.gov.cv